Tooling kits are expensive to buy and if you don’t take care of your tools properly, they will turn bad for your devices. Brass inserts suppliers bring this article to explain how you can maintain the expensive tools just like a pro. Read this article and find it now.

It is not a task to maintain your tools. With proper and regular care and attention, you can keep your tools in good condition. Here, we are talking about hand tools, power tools, and garden tools. However, all these tips are also applied on kitchen knives, crafting tools, etc. at your home.

Storing Tools Properly

You have to use the space you have. Maybe you need to hang them on pegboards, or store them in boxes, chests, or bags. Whatever you like and work for you.

Pegboards are perfect storage spaces for tools. You can easily see all your tools at a glance and use your wall space in most efficient way. However, if you don’t have enough wall space, you can consider a rolling pegboard or portable pegboard storage system.

Majority of tools are made from heavy duty iron and thus, you have to keep them safe against moisture to prevent rusting. Tips for storing your expensive tools-

  • Keep your tools in a dry place

It seems casual thing, but garages and basements and other closures can have humidity problem, especially if they don’t have air-conditioning. If you expose your tools to humidity and moisture, and if you keep them out on shelves or pegboards, try to buy a dehumidifier to keep the level of dampness as low as possible.

  • Hang your garden tools

Even if you put your garden tools inside the garage or your shed, just hang them to the wall so that they don’t rest on the floor. Moisture can easily get soaked by the tools from concrete floors.


  • Store power tools in their original kits

Never throw your tool kit boxes that come along with your power tools. You can use these cases to store power tools and protect them against moisture, dust, bugs, and corrosion.

  • Toss silica gel packs into drawers and tool boxes

Silica gel packs are great absorber of moisture. You can use them and toss them in your drawers and tool boxes where you have kept your tools to keep rust away.

This is how professionals maintain their tools in good condition. If you have any query related to maintenance of the tools, ask brass inserts suppliers through comments.